Watch Out! NLP! Don’t look!

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Here are some tips on how to avoid being manipulated by those who practice NLP, a kind of hypnosis.  The source link is below.  And also in the link you can learn much more about NLP.

“1. Be extremely wary of people copying your body language.

2. Move your eyes in random and unpredictable patterns.

(So they can’t evaluate your eye-brain interactions.)

3. Do not let anybody touch you.

4. Be wary of vague language.

5. Be wary of permissive language.

6. Be wary of gibberish.

7. Read between the lines.

8. Watch your attention.

9. Don’t agree to anything.

10. Trust your intuition.



(I like Sean Hannity.  I don’t know what to think of this video, and I think the Ok sign might mean Ok.)

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A note: I noticed NLP use at the end of the movie Geostorm.  As the movie started, so it ended, with a girl in a hushed, monotone, boring voice.  But this time she was repeating “one” three times and “we” five.  It was a big hypnotic push for a border-less one-government world.  This is why my attention was brought back to considering NLP.

Also, I believe we all use a form of NLP, unintionally, or at least sincerely and without the intention to manipulate. Don’t you feel the need to pat someone on the back sometimes?  I believe God designed us to interact with language, eye movement, touch and so on.  The problem is that some study NLP and become experts in order to manipulate.  And it looks like it’s everywhere: in sales, media (even in the news), Hollywood, and beyond…

Oh yeah, I need to look into it some, but even the author of the site I sited above which contained the ten warnings of NLP listed above was, I think, using NLP on his readers.  I remember that sprinkled throughout the article,warning us of NLP, there were numerous statements asserting that NLP is harmless and nothing to concern ourselves with: a mixed, manipulative message, I think.


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